Behind The Scenes


Before we start the design process, we have to gather the information by creating a discussion platform that will help us to understand the business and allows us to explore new ideas. Starting with the client organization, its mission, vision, and target audience. Basically, the more we know about the client's business, the more ideas we can come up with.


We start to develop the client logo design through our unique visualization process, allowing multiple design directions, starting with the logo design, and finally developing the finished layout of the printed version. Engaging the client in the design process to achieve great results.


Our designs created with accuracy to ensure quality and competence. We refined the design into a unique and recognizable appearance. Choosing the right elements like lines, shapes, colors, and typography to represent the client's brand, mainly to impact the customer's attitude toward the product.


Our logo design process takes an average of 7 working days. During this period, we will conduct research and preliminary design reviews to prepare for the final stage of the logo. Once the design is approved, the client will be provided with the logo design (AI, PDF, JPEG, and PNG) that represent the culture of the company, along with the brand identity manual.